Grant Application

Stained Glass and furnishing grants for Cathedrals and Churches


 Trustees’ Policy

The Primary purpose of the Kempe Trust (“TKT“) is to assist and facilitate through grant aid the maintenance and preservation of the work of the C E Kempe Studios carried out between 1865 and 1907 and of C E Kempe & Co Ltd carried out between 1907 and 1934.

Applications will be accepted only according to the following criteria and terms:

  • Grants are limited to cathedrals, churches and chapels (including those of schools and universities) in the United Kingdom.
  • There are three categories of work as described in the Policy above qualifying for grant aid:

Stained Glass.

Ecclesiastical furniture and furnishing.

Ecclesiastical fabric and decorations.

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Grants are not given retrospectively for works already completed;
  • Applications are considered only when a professional architect or established conservator has been engaged to direct the work
  • Grants may be drawn down on completion of the work or on the certification of the architect or conservator if before.
  • The completion of the work must be certified by an appropriate professional.

The following are not eligible for grants:

  • Work otherwise covered by an insurance claim.
  • Cleaning or general maintenance work normally undertaken by the building owner.

TKT reserves the right to request repayment of any grant made if the project for which assistance was originally sought is aborted.


Applications should be submitted in writing in the form prescribed, detailing the objectives of the project, the total project cost and who will undertake the work.

An acknowledgement of your application will only be made if you specifically request this and if an email address is provided (see page 2). Please allow up to one month for an application to be processed, considered by the Trustees and for the decision to be communicated to you.  Please note that the Trustees’ decision is final.

If you have any queries prior to submitting an application form please use the Contact Us menu