About us

The Kempe Trust

The Kempe Trust was founded in August 1992 and is registered as Charity No. 1014062.

The Primary purpose of the Trust is to assist and facilitate the maintenance and preservation, through grant aid, of the work of the C E Kempe Studios carried out between 1865 and 1907 and of C E Kempe & Co Ltd carried out between 1907 and 1934.

There are three categories of work qualifying for grant aid:

  • i. Stained Glass.
  • ii. Ecclesiastical furniture and furnishing.
  • iii. Ecclesiastical fabric and decorations.

Work which is not eligible for grant aid includes:

  • i. Work otherwise covered by an insurance claim.
  • ii. Cleaning or general maintenance work normally undertaken by the building owner.

The Trustees are committed to awarding a minimum of one grant per annum. Additional grants may be made when funds permit. Grants may be applied for by downloading the application form (see download section). This form should be submitted by the relevant governing body (eg Parochial Church Council, Cathedral Chapter or School Governors) by post. Applications should be received by 29th June each year for the successful award to be made by the end of that year.

The Secondary purpose of the Trust, and equally important, is to increase knowledge and appreciation of the work of the C E Kempe Studios and C E Kempe & Co Ltd. This is achieved by membership through subscription or donation which secures access to the restricted sections of this website (see how to support section). In pursuit of this purpose the Trustees are empowered to:

  • i. Purchase or acquire Archival material
  • ii. Fund relevant research into the work of C E Kempe Studios and C E Kempe & Co Ltd.

The Kempe Trust is administered by a minimum of five Trustees. From these, three officers are elected – the Chairman who holds the post for one year and the Treasurer and Secretary who each hold the post for three years. Trustee appointments and elections to the posts will be the sole prerogative of the incumbent Trustees. There is an additional non-Trustee post of Covenant Secretary elected by the membership.

The current Trustees are Adrian Barlow, (Secretary), Nick Rowe,  John Shaw (Treasurer) and Elizabeth Simon (Chair) .