How to support

Supporting the Kempe Trust

Support of the Kempe Trust is open to all who admire and wish to assist in preserving the work of Charles Kempe and his Studios, whether they  have a layman’s or a professional’s interest in stained glass and church furnishings. It is due in no small measure to the efforts, over the past three decades, by members of the former Kempe Society (now absorbed into this Trust) that the reputation of Kempe and the importance of his work has been properly recognised in the United Kingdom and overseas.

The aims of the Secondary purpose of the Kempe Trust are summarised as follows :-

i. To encourage the continuing recognition of the work of Charles Kempe and his Studios.

ii. To continue research into all aspects of C E Kempe Studios and C E Kempe & Co Ltd.

iii. To advocate the re-installation elsewhere or sensitive re-use of Kempe windows and furnishings which become  redundant.

iv.  To establish a pictorial record and preserve archival material of the Studios work.

v.  To provide a forum for discussion on relevant items of interest.

Support is through a suggested minimum donation of £5 p.a. which may be paid by cheque or Standing Order (S.O.). You may choose the frequency of payment, e.g. monthly, quarterly or annually. If you are a taxpayer, please sign the Gift Aid declaration and return it and the S.O. Mandate to the address printed on the form. If you are able to donate/subscribe more than £5 then this would assist the work of the Trust enormously. Membership is from 1st January annually.

The Trust maintains contact with its supporters by means of this website and an Annual General Meeting which incorporates a social event. By becoming a supporter of the Kempe Trust you will receive the following:

i. An Annual Report which will include news, information on Kempe and his studios, local supporters meetings and details of grants made and research work.

ii. Invitation to the Annual General Meeting which includes a social gathering and event.

The Kempe Trust is administered by a Trustee Management Committee of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a Covenant Secretary.

To support the work of the Kempe Trust please now go to the download section of the website in order to access and complete the form. Your support will be valued greatly.